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Liver Transplants, Neurological Surgery: - We have a group of Accredited Perfusionists on-call 24hrs/day covering Liver transplantation and neuro surgery at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge.

This accounts for approximately 110 cases per annum.

Organ procurement: -

  • Liver procurement and other visceral organs
  • Supply personnel to give technical assistance and perfuse the organ/organs for transplantation.
  • We have the expertise to resuscitate borderline organs by using a portable CPS system and E.V.L.P Lung System.
  • Non Heart Beating donors

  • Ventricular Assist Devices: - We have experience with the following devices:

  • I.A.B.P, Jarvik 2000, Abiomed, Impella, Medos,Thoratec L.V.A.D. and R.V.A.D, Thoratec I.V.A.D., T.C.I. Heartmate, Heartware, Novolung, Levitronix, Novocor and Syncardia Total Artificial Heart. Supplying staff to deal with the initial setting up of the system, to educating the patients about how the system works allowing as much independence as possible.

  • ECMO: -We have personnel experienced in the discipline of Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation in neonates and adults, supporting 24 hr in-hospital cover to the patient. Our considerable expertise in H1N1 ECMO, acting as a referral centre over the previous 2 years, is bolstered by our experience in Peripheral VA, Central VA, and Veno Veno ECMO utilising Femoral, Central and Dual Lumen Cannulation.

Since 2010 we have treated over 80 patients giving post cardiotomy, Acute MI, and resuscitation support, as well as ECMO for H1N1, Bridge to Transplantation, and Emergency ECMO Transfer.

  • Pulmonary Thrombo-Endarterectomy: - We are the only unit in the country that has funding to carry out this complicated and extensive surgery amounting to 500 procedures per year.

  • Routine Cardiopulmonary Bypass: - At present Cambridge Perfusion Services supplies a departmental service to 2 national health service trusts (Papworth, Cambridgeshire and the James Cook University Hospital, Middlesborough) which amounts to approximately 3000 cases per annum.

  • Cell salvage: - Experience with cell salvage techniques and plasma sequestration

  • Locum service: - We have provided accredited perfusionists to over 15 cardiac or general departments nationally and internationally and have an active long term and short term locum service. We will endeavour to custom fit the service to the hospitals departmental requirements.

  • Education: -Education is an inherant job for any perfusion department. From small group sessions for health care professionals to large-scale symposiums, the company has conducted courses to suit a range of academic needs. As a specialised clinical discipline, it is important to educate others in the aspects of circulatory intervention. The demand for qualified perfusionists is as strong as ever, the department has an active trainee programme employing normally two trainees a year.

  • Cambridge Perfusion Services also encourages ongoing education in its employees allowing opportunities to attend both national and international scientific meetings.

  • Research: - In conjunction with Addenbrookes hospital we have been able to do extensive research with Liver transplantation, we are at present involved with various V.A.D. trials, non-heart beating donor studies, EVLP and have an active on going research programme.

  • Television consultancy: - We have an ongoing commitment to independent television companies and the BBC supplying them with 'on-set' advice and assistance to varied productions.