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Cambridge Perfusion Services has devised an extensive range of protocols covering all areas of our Clinical Practice and Service Expertise.  

The perfusion protocol is specifically a guideline to perfusion practice in Papworth Hospital and the Cambridge Lea Hospital. The perfusion protocol encompasses areas such as:-

  • Health and safety
  • Pump Checks
  • Record Keeping
  • Drug Protocols
  • Communications with medical staff
  • Pump set up, prime and disposal of contaminated disposals
  • Surgical and Anaesthetic preferences
  • Emergency procedures for gross air emboli
  • There are also protocols regarding VAD, I.A.B.P, E.C.M.O, Cell Salvage, Liver perfusion and Organ Retrievals and we are aiming to develop protocols in other areas of practise such as  pregnancy etc. in conjunction with our  ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.

    Employess conducting locum duties are expected to follow the local perfusion protocols for the hospital in which they are practicing